Every now and then I’ll have a flash of inspiration, and this¬† project was one of those. We needed an easier way to move Beaters at my shoot, so I set to and built this frame – a dedicated Beaters Carrier. It is a versatile, quick and easy to fit. A simple, safe people carrier for our shoot ( the perfect beater carrier ).

What you see here is a steel frame with 2 bench seats, that sits in the back of a pickup and is held in place with sets of cargo straps. It holds passengers in a comfortable seated position, safely. The high back prevents anyone failing out backwards or sidewards.

The bench seats are set at the correct height so that the gun dogs can sit in the back of the pickup, between their owners knees just under the seat – which keeps them safe and comfortable as well.

When the frame is not in use, it is easy to quickly release the straps and lift the frame out. The frame can be stored on its end, out of the way until next season.  I think you can see from the photos how popular this is !

Its not all work and no play !!!